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Hi, I’m Rebecca Jones, the blogger behind I See My Life.

Changing Seasons

Change is on the horizon.

My kids will be conquering their futures as they head out of the home in a couple years for college and career.  My husband and I will be early/mid 40’s “empty nesters”.

We’re starting to plan how our lives will change.  The start of that change will be changes we make with ourselves.

If you want to live a more intentional, organized and healthy life…

…then you are at the place you need to be!

How I See My Life Helps You Become the Mom You Aspire to Be

You’re years of focusing on raising kiddos are done.
They’re out living beautiful lives.
Now you can start to shift that focus back onto yourself.

It’s exciting, full of promise and also

With every article I’ll work to help you focus on what matters to you
…and move closer to the life you want to live.

We’ll discuss a wide range of topics that moms care about.
Organizing our life, growing healthy, building stronger relationships and living a more mindful life.

We care about setting goals, focusing on what’s important and appreciating our blessings.

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What We Talk About at I See My Life

About Rebecca Jones

Photo of Jones Family

I’m a 40-something wife, mom, self-employed woman.
My husband and I have a 20-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter.
I am an introvert. And a creative person.
I like to laugh. And make up lyrics to songs.

I am a transcriptionist and blogger.
But I’m horrible at using commas correctly.

I’m glad you’re here and reading this blog.
I hope that something will resonate with you.
I hope to inspire or reassure you.

I’m on a journey to become the woman, wife and mom I aspire to be.
I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Inspired + caffeinated,