On Turning 41

New Year – New Goals!

In two days, I’m turning (pause to do some math…) 41.
I don’t cringe when I say my age.
In fact, I’d wear it plastered on a t-shirt.
I’d carry around an “I’m 41” balloon all day (if that existed).

I love my birthdays.
I’ll gladly turn another year older.
Because it is an opportunity to celebrate that I am here.

I am here and I am learning.
And growing.
And working.
And loving.

This decade is magical to me.
My children are grown/growing up.
This is such an exciting time in their lives.
They are taking steps towards their futures.

My husband and I are doing some soul searching.
Deciding what our lives post-raising children looks like.

And I’m making a lot of changes personally.

I’m eating healthier.
I’m moving more.
I’m constantly checking my thoughts.
I’m becoming more tolerant.
I’m thinking more positively.
I’m living more intentionally.
I’m forgiving.
I’m listening.
I’m being honest.

There isn’t one catalyst to all this change.
It’s been years in the making.

It was impacted by my car accident in 2010.
By my husband’s hospitalization years ago and work accident last year.

It was affected when I had to make tough decisions regarding my extended family.
And when I had to figure out my career goals.

It has been altered by every conversation with my kids.
By every moment spent with and without my husband.

I am figuring out the person I’m going to be in the future.
And I become that person with every decision I make.

Some days I take a big step forward.
Some days I think I jump back.

But each day – each decision – each action is a move.
And a learning experience.

Maybe I’m learning how to do something new.
Or learning how to not do something.

Maybe I’m learning to speak kinder.
Or listen to understand.

Maybe I’m learning to enjoy vegetables.
And black coffee.

Or maybe I’m dreaming of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

But each decision I make
And each action I take in 41 is going to have a meaning.
And a purpose.

As I move into a new chapter of this beautiful life I’ve been blessed with.

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