Gifts for a Gilmore Girls Fan

7 Awesome + 3 not-so-awesome gifts for the Gilmore Girls Fan

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I love watching Gilmore Girls with my 15-year-old daughter.
There are a lot of mother-daughter conversations and Rory situations you can discuss together.
Or you can take the lazy parenting role and say, “Everything Lorelai just said to Rory – same to you from me!”

With the approaching holidays, here is a list of gifts for Gilmore Girls fans.

Gilmore Girls Pajamas

There are other pants styles but I felt this red plaid worked best for the whole “Luke’s Diner” theme. What about matching mother-daughter pajamas! [adding that to my shopping list!]

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

It’s a book. I feel that in the true Rory-ness of shopping you’d want to buy a book. Rory always has a book with her. When her dad makes his first appearance in the series he offers to buy something for Rory. She suggests the Complete Oxford English Dictionary. So there’s another bonus gift idea if you have the money to spend!

But personally, I think the audio version is the way to go. With the audio you feel as if Lorelai is actually talking to you.

The Gilmore Girls Companion

This is one of those must-have behind-the-scenes books. We all wonder what it would have been like to be on set at our favorite show. I’m a big fan of these types of books. I will admit to owning the Friends book (and hide my face as I admit to owning the Twilight one, too).
But this one. This is a Gilmore Girls behind the scene and thus, totally and completely worth it!

Gilmore Girls Life Lessons Tote

This is great for when you want to carry around your books. Or if you want to go to the market and pick up a few things. It’s just fun to have the little Gilmore Girl lessons with you all the time. There’s also a Doose’s Market bag, which would be even better to take shopping.

Coffee like a Gilmore Girl Shirt

Yeah, I do. If you confidently admit to being more hopped up on caffeine than you should be…this is the shirt for you. It’s really the shirt for me because it is Heather Grey. I love grey. And black. And black-grey.

Luke’s Diner Sticker

What I like most about this Luke’s Diner sticker is that it doesn’t scream “I’m a Gilmore Girls fan.” Instead, it just puts it out there so other fans could see it and recognize it. Sometimes I prefer those little hints so the true fans can give you that nod of understanding.

The ULTIMATE Gilmore Girls Gift

All 7 season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. Or a membership to Netflix so you can also watch the new bonus mini-8th-season.

Gilmore Girl Items Not on the List

I am not calling this the “bad” list – or the “creepy” list. In fact, these items may be the perfect gift for somebody. Just not for me. Or any other Gilmore Girls fan I’m shopping for.

Big Heads AKA Celebrity Mask

I have only ever seen these big head things at sporting events. But apparently they have them for celebrities. I think a big head Rory or Lorelai or Jess is just kinda weird. Don’t you agree? Plus, these big heads don’t even really look like them. Their hair is different. And Jess looks older. And what reason would I need a big head?

Coffee Cups

All of the coffee cups I found online with “Gilmore Girls” printed on them were regular sized cups. By regular sized, I mean sized for people who don’t need a coffee IV. Sized for people who maybe kinda enjoy coffee in the morning. Not sized for Rory or Lorelai who basically have coffee running through their veins. I feel like this Jumbo Mug would be more Gilmore Girls -ish than anything I’ve seen.

Gilmore Girls Wall Calendar

This is just a personal thing. But I don’t feel the need for the 2017 wall calendar with photo shoot photos of mom and daughter. Especially not in 11×11″ hanging on my wall. Nothing against wall calendars with celebrity faces. I’m sure I had a 21 Jump Street calendar on my wall when I was 10. But, the Gilmore Girls are just so pretty and so perfectly posed and I don’t need to be the 30-something woman with their calendar on my wall.

Do you have a Gilmore Girls Fan to shop for?

If so, I hope this list helped you out. If you find anything else, let me know and I can add it to either list – the good or the not-so-good. Or let me know if you find the big head thing just as weird as I do.


7 Awesome + 3 not-so-awesome gifts for the Gilmore Girls Fan

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